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We are RV'ers!

And love seeing the world through a Windshield

We retired rather late in life; but in the last 12 year RV'ing 4 to 5 months a years, we have camped in every state in the Union, and all the provinces in Canada, and the Northwest Terrorizes. The only territory we've missed in Canada is Nunavut. On our Bucket list is Churchill, MB to see the Polar Bears, so making it to Nanuvut carries a probability.

We lacked visiting two states prior to turning 80 years old, and those were Washington and Oregon; but we caught them shortly after our birthdays. I decided to add a second Map to the RV for those States and Provinces we made after being 80.


The Bounder our first Motorhome


We began the RV life style with an 32' Bounder. It was powered by a 190 hp Cumins 5.9 non turbo-ed and, it was a weak sister. On our first trip to Williamsburg, VA and back to NM in 1995 we actually passed one automobile. No a bad record for 3,600 driving miles. Other than power it was a smooth running RV and, it helped us capture the yearning for an RV lifestyle.

An American Tradition - Flyer


This photo was captured in Ontario on our first visit to the Canadian Maritimes. The Flyer (American Tradition) was our dream RV with an 8.3 diesel engine, air bag suspension, and lots of room. We used this RV for about 5 years and drove it some 36,000 miles. We made our first trip to Alaska in 2005 and then to the Canadian Maritimes in 2006. We discovered that in spending 4 or 5 months in a rig we needed more living space; and the Flyer didn't have any slide outs. So it was selling time for something with slide outs.

Ole Blue, 34' Holiday Presidential, and a GMC 2500 w/ a durmax diesel

ole Blue

Wow what a rig, now we had internal space galore, and a truck that handled the traveling like a dream. We pulled this unit 6 years or about 120,000 miles with some 187,000 miles on the GMC. Two Trips to Alaska, one to the Florida Keys, one to the Pacific Northwest, and another to Newfoundland and Labrador, and several others crisscrossing across the US. Our preference of all RVs was this 5th wheel, but there is also more physical work connected to a 5th wheel as compared to a motorhome. When we reached 80 we began to wonder; and couple of years ago we figured it was time we went back to a motorhome, but one that was shorter.

Meet Miss Winnie, a Winnebago 30' Sightseeker.


This is the perfect RV for us now. It fits in our Barn and has sufficient inside storage. We've only one slide out, but that is more than ample. The last two long trips have been in the Winnie, one to the East Coast and then last year to the Western National Parks. This is the first gasoline rig we've owned, and at 7.5 mpg it is economical, especially when gas is at $2.00 ~ 2.35 per gallon.

In life in general and especially with the RV life style there are three ingredients. Time; Money; and Health and the Big one is HEALTH. the Lord has blessed us, and we are still motoring down life's highways and seeing our world through a windshield.

We started several years go writing Travel Logs of our travel experiences, as I wanted to record our thoughts for our Grandchildren to share down the road. Over the years we've added our friends whom are interested in reading about the US and Canada from our prospective..

We're reworking our published articles in a Website update, and then we will publish these Logs in a Photo Story Book. The traveling and writing the Logs has quicken my interest in photography. If we are going to use our photos, then by golly gum drops they need to be excellent photos. I enjoy taking them and hope you enjoy reading our Logs and viewing the photographs.

Hitch up your wagons and come on along.

Come on Willie give us another verse On The Road Again.

Norm & Dottie